“Fun Size and Venti Present”: A Spring Comedy Fling

Comedy Night Returns Tonight, March 24th with a bang at 8:30pm. No Cover as always. Guests tonight include:

J-L Cauvin 

Jackie Jax 

Adam Lucidi 

Ken Schultz 

Kenan Weaver 

Cory Jarvis 

Steve Rowella

And your fabulous hosts:

Cindee “Fun Size” Weiss and Angela “Venti” Cobb

“Fun Size and Venti Present”: A Spring Comedy Fling.

New Year’s Eve 2014


We are open all night for New Year’s Eve celebrations this year. No Cover Charge, No Private Parties. We will have a champagne toast at midnight and make some serious noise to ring in 2015.

College Football Rivalry Weekend | Bleacher Report

Here’s our last chance at a full slate of College Football games this year and it’s a good one. Michigan – Ohio State; UNC – NC State; Florida – Florida State; USC – Notre Dame; Auburn – Alabama; Mississippi State – Ole Miss; South Carolina – Clemson; Minnesota – Wisconsin. To name a few. But we’ll have ’em all.

Ultimate Guide to College Football Rivalry Weekend | Bleacher Report.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We will be opening at 7pm on Thursday evening. See y’all then.


Tuesday 18 November “Fun Size and Venti Present”: Fall Into Laughter

Comedy Night Returns Tuesday 18 November 2014. 8:30 pm. No Cover. Click on the link below for all the deets.

“Fun Size and Venti Present”: Fall Into Laughter.

Line Up is as of now…

Adrienne Iapalucci
Katherine Williams
Liz Miele
Lynn Bixenspan
Emma Willmann
Carole Montgomery 
Lauren Hope Krass

NYC Marathon Sunday



Congrats everyone on a safe, successful and fun 2014 NYC Marathon Sunday. Big Props to our friend Noell Rembert representing the Baileys Track and Beer Family.


Happy Halloween!

Dress warm, stay safe, and remember we’re not in Detroit, so no burning down the town!


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